Who we are

_DSC0774Roberto Rocco is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Urbanism at the Delft University of Technology. He has got a degree in Architecture and Planning from the University of São Paulo and a post-graduate MSc degree in Spatial Planning from the same university. He has worked as an independent researcher for NGOs in Brazil, before being awarded a PhD by TU Delft in 2008, with a thesis on “new urban geographies of globalization”, with a comparative study on locational patterns of command activities in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. He has worked with issues of governance, spatial justice and planning theory since and currently focuses on governance issues in territorial planning, as well as issues of informality and planning. He has recently edited the ‘Routledge Handbook on Informal Urbanisation‘. E-mail: r.c.rocco@tudelft.nl


Peter Abraham Fukuda Loewi is a writer, but hasn’t always been one. He holds a BA in Fine Arts from Haverford College in the USA and an M.Arch from Kanagawa University in Japan. He worked in both public-sector planning and private-sector architecture, as a commercial arborist, and taught at universities in Africa, America, and Asia before taking a step back and attempting to improve these processes through policy at the global level. His studies took him from art to sociology to design to carpentry to forestry to environmental degradation to disasters to labor markets to policy and now, to journalism. He aims to make political writing more understandable through a storytelling approach. E-mail: paflwork@gmail.com